About Me

This is what I do.

My name is DELALI Amina, I am a computer Engineer and also a geomatician that works at the Algerian University of Mostaganem as a professor assistant.

I am born and I live in Algeria. After I got my engineer diploma in Computing, I worked at the direction of transmissions related to my towns's district.
I was responsible; among other tasks, of the development of databases applications.

Then, I joined the Center for Space Techniques of the Algerian Space Agency, where I got my magister diploma in Geomatics.

After that, I joined the University of Mostaganem as a professor assistant where I teach primarily computing courses.

Then I decided to create a digital business, where I want to simply sell digital products, and share valuable content. The business is registered as a foreign owned LLC. So all the administration is registered in the US.